A series of TKP program have been done (Live In, Bakti Lingkungan, and Create product). Held on Friday (05/05/2017), Saturday (06/05/2017), and Sunday (07/05/2017)

This event is held at Mluweh Village, Subdistrict Ungaran Timur

The participant of this event is HMTK 2017 staff, Mluweh Village citizen, Mluweh Village Karang Taruna, and Chemical Engineering Undip Students.

In the first day, the participant depart from Chemical Engineering campus to Mluweh Village using transportation from commitee. Upon arriving, there is a briefing from the head of village. After that, the participant is divided to go to each villager house as decided before. Followed by the introduction of participant to the house owner.

In the second day, the participant start the day helping the villager daily activities. Starting from farming, selling vegetables, and many more. Followed by socialication to the villager. The second day is closed by Grand Opening Tkp that is held in RW 2 Mluweh Village.

In the last day, the day start with gymnastics with Mluweh villager. After that there is bakti lingkungan, cleaning the area arpund the village. Followed by composting with the help from biro Oxygen-16. The result of composting is given to the head of farmer. Then, there is prebiotic production for livestock with the help of CESTR. The result of prebiotic is given to one of the goat breeder in the village. Finally, the event is overally closed, the participant say goodbye to the villager and taking picture together.

There is hope that with this series of event, the relation of HMTK to the Mluweh Village can be better and Chemical Engineering students can grow their social heart more.

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